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its taken quite some time, but its finally up!you can start taking advantage of it and posting all you got! (follow the rules)

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1:) Guidelines Thu Nov 10, 2011 3:26 pm



Guidelines / Terms and Conditions is a place to hang out, enjoy drawing and have fun. In order to keep this place clean we have set up a few simple guidelines.

This software is a real-time drawing application. It is thus not possible for us to have immediate control over what all users do. We do not take responsibility for any user-contributed content. The contributors themselves are responsible for their actions. You are allowed to express yourself freely but we will not tolerate any material that is immoral, racist or might otherwise offend a person or a group of people.

1. Rules

Respect others. (E.g. don't draw over other people's work).
Do not make controversial or pornographic drawings.
Move drawings containing violence or nudity to the mature section.
Do not use drawing scripts: Make your drawings yourself.
Keep your ratings in the gallery fair (do not downvote).
Do not sign up multiple times.
Failure of adhering to these rules will result in account restriction or ban. People visiting for other reasons than drawing, chatting, or otherwise enjoying the community are banned immediately (e.g. spamming, chat flooding, scribbling everything over).

2. Gallery/Drawings

You may publish your favorite drawings in the gallery. However, the gallery is not meant to be a storage area for all drawings that are made. Do not publish or propose drawings multiple times. We will clean out all drawings that we think do not meet a certain standard. Especially drawings that are not moved to a proper category, have no title or description will be removed sooner or later. If a drawing contains material that violates one of the points stated above (see 1. Behavior) we will warn, restrict or permanently ban you from this website. Please also see the Guidelines for Gallery Artwork.

Try to put something special in your drawing and do not over-use effects such as blur.

3. Gallery/Picture upload/Commenting

Users are given the right to upload personal pictures in their profiles and add public comments under following conditions:
The user must have obtained all necessary third-party consents, rights, licenses and permissions, if any, to upload/publish the uploaded material or comment. The user warrants that the uploaded material or comment do not infringe on any rights of any third party, including any trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret, right of privacy or publicity or moral rights of any third party. The uploaded material or comment must not violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation and may not be defamatory, libelous, threatening, pornographic, obscene, harmful to minors or contain nudity or violence. We reserve the right to delete any picture, comment, title or description without separate notice.
If we become aware of a copyright infringement we will disable or restrict the user's account.

4. General information

We reserve the right to delete user accounts, restrict, kick or ban users, group of users, users from a certain area and/or remove, modify or clean portions of drawings, pictures, comments or other information for any reasons without prior notice. Your actions are logged.

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